AGU LANDInG, Building a Community of DEI Champions

AGU LANDInG Community of Practice

The AGU LANDInG Community of Practice (CoP) will provide curated resources (readings, toolkits, webinars) plus networking tools for sharing expertise and peer-mentoring awareness. Its goals are to develop and support DEI networks for stronger and more inclusive science community by broadening DEI engagement, reach and impact.

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The AGU LANDInG Academy is a two-year, cohort-based professional development program for current and aspiring DEI leaders in the geosciences. Program participants develop competencies in DEI leadership, including: strategic planning, understanding best practices, and building evidence-based models for success. Program curricula are designed specifically for each cohort’s composition and needs, and delivered by (inter)national DEI experts. Each participant will also obtain direct experience leading DEI initiatives in the geosciences, with supporting AGU LANDInG resources.

AGU LANDInG Postdoctoral Research Fellows Program

AGU LANDInG Postdoctoral Research Fellows Program (PRFP) will leverage the resources and reach of the currently funded AGU LANDInG (ICER 2036823) to provide DEI training tailored for NSF’s new Office of Polar Programs and Division of Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellows.

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