Imaging AI in Practice demonstration

The Imaging AI in Practice (IAIP) demonstration is presented at the RSNA annual meeting to showcase new technologies and communication standards needed to integrate AI into the diagnostic radiology workflow. It uses real-world clinical scenarios and interoperability standards to demonstrate new tools and practice enhancements enabled by AI. 

Sunday-Wednesday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Booth 4358 South Hall - Level 3 - AI Showcase


The demonstration follows a fictional patient through a real-world clinical scenario involving both emergent and long-term care. It includes many steps in the radiology workflow where AI can assist the radiologist and improve the efficiency and quality of care.

The diagrams linked here give a visual overview of the flow of information among systems in a radiology practice with AI tools integrated: 

Standards foundation

The RSNA IAIP demonstration shows how radiology systems can be integrated to efficiently include AI-based applications at key points in the workflow. This seamless integration relies on a set of interoperability standards, including: 

  • IHE AI Results specifies how results are stored, retrieved, and displayed.
  • IHE AI Workflow for Imaging specifies methods to request, manage, perform, and monitor imaging AI algorithms.
  • Interactive Multimedia Reporting provides ways to enhance radiology reports, for example, by adding hyperlinks to a specific image of interest described in the report text.
  • RadElement Common Data Elements (CDEs) provide standardized ways of representing observations made in the course of radiologic diagnosis.
  • HL7 FHIRcast synchronizes clinical applications (EHR, PACS, reporting systems, AI tools) to a given study or patient.

RSNA 2023 Participants

GE Healthcare
Hyperfine Operations, Inc.
Laurel Bridge
Nuance Communications
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Pocket Health
Rad AI
Siemens Healthineers
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Telerad Tech
Visage Imaging

Imaging AI in Practice video archive

View videos featuring previous IAIP demonstration participants performing real-world clinical scenarios to show how AI can be used to support improvements in patient care.

RSNA 2023

Introduction: Imaging AI Clinical and Data Workflow
Watch an overview of the clinical scenario and process steps for the Imaging AI in Practice demonstration at RSNA 2023.

RSNA 2022

Prostate Cancer Work-Up
This video follows a patient through incidental findings of metastatic osseous disease to diagnosis and work-up for primary prostate cancer with automated follow-up navigation.

Stroke Triage w/ incidental findings
This video demonstrates smart scheduling for inpatient and emergency department studies, AI-enhanced accelerated imaging, and imaging activities for a patient with ischemic stroke and incidental lung nodules.

Mammo to Vehicular Trauma
This video follows a patient from her screening mammogram to ED presentation with intracranial hemorrhage after sustaining vehicular trauma.