RSNA's brand new educational platform, EdCentral, is designed to support your professional growth. Whether you're after quick bites of content, full courses, webinars or the latest from Radiology and RadioGraphics, EdCentral is your hub for curated content across all RSNA science and education.

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RSNA values your input: You lead a busy lifestyle, and you need easy access to content that’s served up to you based on your needs and interests. That’s why we created RSNA EdCentral—the one-stop shop for top-notch education and research that supports you at the point of care, wherever you are.

This exclusive benefit for RSNA members evolves with your activity and recommends new articles and educational modules based on your preferences. The EdCentral dashboard even tracks the progress of courses you’ve consumed. Plus, you can follow other users and see what they’re recommending and conveniently access all your CME credits.

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EdCentral is your key to unlocking content curated to your interests.
Curated content that’s easy to find
Explore a centralized learning hub with an easy-to-navigate interface. See articles and modules you’ve bookmarked, recommendations by users you follow and the content that is trending now.
Your progress at a glance

Get an up-to-date tally of the courses you’ve consumed.

A community within your collection

Your profile page lets you manage your interests, groups, channels and learning progress, and develop a skills passport to show off your achievements.

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Learn about the real-world insights that launched EdCentral and see what it can do for your continuing education experience.

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“This new platform was developed to address feedback RSNA has received from members who rely on RSNA for their educational needs. Like Netflix or Amazon, EdCentral will curate content according to your interests and will let you know when new materials become available.”

—Sanjeev Bhalla, MD, RSNA Board of Directors liaison for education

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