Imaging research tools

Our imaging research and education tools, such as MIRC, have been designed to help radiologists work more efficiently while improving the quality and safety of patient care.

Medical imaging resource community (MIRC)

MIRC is about the sharing of information. It is a set of free radiologic education and research tools available through a user-led open source community. The highlights are the teaching file system (TFS) and the clinical trial processor (CTP).

Clinical trial processor (CTP)

CTP provides a secure solution for researchers to exchange, index and retrieve images and documents from imaging clinical trials. Because it was designed to support industry-standard transport protocols, it’s easy to configure CTP to work with commercial PACS systems.

Most researchers use CTP to manage and move data between field centers and principal sites in multisite imaging clinical trials. You can also anonymize DICOM objects to remove protected health information, including burned in pixel data.

CTP resources

For more information on our CTP software, we’ve provided the helpful guides below:

Teaching file system (TFS)

TFS allows any radiology department to control a platform for producing and managing teaching files. These files can be any form of education tool, including personal and departmental case files, quizzes and even conference materials.

Radiology departments can use TFS to do the following:

  • Build departmental teaching files that support resident and lifelong training.
  • Create case files in formats ideally suited for peer education and personal review.
  • Transfer images from PACS while protecting patient information.
  • Create virtual conferences from case collections for tumor boards or quality assurance.
  • Export teaching files as PowerPoint compatible presentations.

TFS resources

If you’d like more information on the TFS, or are looking for installation and setup guides, we’ve provided some helpful resources below: