Individual donations

Many of the donations that keep the R&E Foundation running are individual contributions. These gifts directly fund the grants that determine the future of radiology. Because of this undeniable need our donors fill, we also like to recognize their generous donations by awarding different benefits to specific donor levels.

Empower future breakthroughs: Invest in the future of radiology

The support of donors makes a critical difference in the lives and careers of academic radiologists. Listen to personal testimonials from donors and awardees and learn how seed grants from the R&E Foundation have empowered them to accomplish major career milestones and instilled them with the confidence needed to help advance the practice. 

Join others in the specialty who are investing in the future of radiology by donating today.


Annual giving

Your annual or commemorative donations to the R&E Foundation are tax deductible and gifts of $300 or more give you access to the Donor Suite during the RSNA annual meeting.

Annual donations support R&E Foundation grants that work to improve patient care through the advancement of radiologic research, education and practice.

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We like to recognize those who give to our Foundation. All donors who give $300 or more, will receive the following recognition:

  • Access to the R&E Donor Suite at the RSNA annual meeting
  • Mention on the R&E Foundation website
  • Inclusion on the Donor Wall at the RSNA annual meeting

Presidents Circle

The Presidents Circle is for individuals who donate $1,500 or more to the Foundation annually. With over 200 donors, this program demonstrates the power of a community dedicated to the future of radiology. We like to recognize that dedication by providing a multitude of benefits to donors of this status.

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We offer a wide variety of Presidents Circle benefits. This includes special recognition in the following placements:

  • RSNA News
  • The R&E Booth at the RSNA annual meeting
  • The R&E Foundation website

Our Presidents Circle members also receive special access during the RSNA annual meeting. This includes the following:

  • Early notice for hotel registration
  • Access to the R&E Donor Suite for relaxation and light refreshments
  • An express boarding pass to head to the front of the taxi and shuttle bus lines at McCormick Place
  • Invitation to the Distinguished Donor Reception, held in your honor
  • Bistro RSNA tickets for a complimentary lunch

As a Presidents Circle member, you'll also receive an annual research report from RSNA Presidents Circle grantees, which gives insight into the research you’re funding.

Visionary donor

Our Visionary Donor Program is designed for those who are interested in lifelong giving. You become a Visionary donor once your cumulative giving to the R&E Foundation reaches $5,000, showing a true commitment to the future of radiologic research. We like to recognize our Visionary donors for reaching milestones from $5,000 to $1 million.

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Legacy donor

Our Legacy donors are individuals who make planned donations to the Foundation to leave a legacy behind for future generations. Planned giving lets you support the Foundation in a variety of ways including bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance and retirement asset gifts.

No matter how big or small the gift, your donation will greatly benefit the Foundation and ensure a promising future for radiology.

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Endowed donor giving

If you’d like to fund a named grant program, we request a minimum contribution of $600,000 to the R&E Foundation.

Learn more about endowed donations (PDF)

Making a gift of securities

R&E Foundation donors may facilitate the transfer of funds or securities directly to the Foundation. In order to transfer funds, the institution may either transfer the money directly to the Foundation or mail a check or securities certificate. View instructions for both methods.