Metrology papers

Under the direction of RSNA, three QIBA Metrology Working Groups were formed to discuss terminology for metrology concepts, algorithm comparisons and technical performance of an imaging assay.

The all-volunteer groups embraced the challenge to standardize across these concepts and reduce ambiguity regarding the terms and methodology used for measuring, describing and comparing various components of imaging tests.

The efforts of the QIBA Metrology Working Groups establish standardized terminology for use in research and clinical practice to meet the alliance’s overall goal to improve the value and practicality of quantitative imaging biomarkers by reducing variability across devices, patients and time.

Based on the committees’ work, the following six manuscripts were published in either Radiology or Statistical Methods in Medical Research:

Sullivan DC, Obuchowski NA, Kessler LG, et al. Metrology Standards for Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers. Radiology. 2015 Aug 12. Epub ahead of print. doi: 10.1148/radiol.2015142202.

Kessler, LG, et. al., The Emerging Science of Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Terminology and Definitions for Scientific Studies and Regulatory Submissions, Stat Methods Med Res 0962280214537333, first published on June 11, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0962280214537333

Raunig, DL, et. al., Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers: A Review of Statistical Methods for Technical Performance Assessment, Stat Methods Med Res 0962280214537344, first published on June 11, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0962280214537344

Obuchowski, NA, et. al., Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers: A Review of Statistical Methods for Computer Algorithm Comparisons, Stat Methods Med Res 0962280214537390, first published on June 11, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0962280214537390

Obuchowski, NA, et. al., Statistical Issues in the Comparison of Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Algorithms Using Pulmonary Nodule Volume as an Example, Stat Methods Med Res 0962280214537392, first published on June 11, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0962280214537392

Huang, EP, et. al., Meta-analysis of the Technical Performance of an Imaging Procedure: Guidelines and Statistical Methodology, Stat Methods Med Res 0962280214537394, first published on May 28, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0962280214537394

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