RadElement common data elements

Our team of informatics experts is building foundational data resources for the radiology community. In collaboration with the American College of Radiology and radiologic subspecialty societies, we have developed a growing catalog of radiology-specific common data elements (CDEs), available at RadElement.org.

What are CDEs?

Common data elements (CDEs) are standardized sets of questions and allowable answers used to express observations in diagnoses. They enhance radiology reporting, data analysis and decision support. RadElement CDEs are:

  • Indexed and searchable
  • Grouped into clinical use cases called Sets
  • Shared across Sets where appropriate
  • Built with RadLex and other controlled medical terminologies
  • Incorporated in many reporting templates in the RadElement.org library of radiology reporting templates

Vendors of radiology systems can use the RadElement applications programming interface (API) to incorporate CDEs.


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