RadReport reporting templates

We provide resources to help you standardize reporting practices to enhance efficiency, demonstrate value and improve diagnostic quality. RadReport.org is a free library of templates based on best practices that enable you to create consistent, high-quality reports. 

There is wide consensus that the clinical report is an essential tool that radiologists provide to patients. The ideal report should be uniform, comprehensive, easily understood and readable to humans and machines alike.

The report is the essential vehicle radiologist use to convey their diagnostic input. Reports should be consistent, comprehensive and readable to humans and machines alike. Standardizing the format, structure and data content of reports:

  • Improves communication with patients and other care providers
  • Helps meet accreditation criteria and quality measures, and earn pay-for-performance incentives
  • Enables better data analysis for outcomes research
  • Demonstrates the value of radiology’s service to patients and referring physicians

Features and benefits

RadReport.org provides reporting templates for many common radiology procedures that have been reviewed by an international panel of radiologists, as well as templates shared by members of RSNA and the European Society of Radiology.

Many templates incorporate RSNA’s RadLex® terminology and RadElement common data elements developed by RSNA, in collaboration with the ACR and radiologic subspecialty societies. On RadReport.org you can:

  • Search for, view and download templates
  • Create and edit templates
  • Share templates with the radiology community

Vendors of radiology reporting systems can use the RadReport application programming interface (API) to automate access to reporting templates.

If you have questions, please email reporting@lists.rsna.org.